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Craig Curk: Turning Homes into Profit

Craig Curk is an adept and proven businessman, having consistently demonstrated his ability to oversee and lead successful firms throughout his career.

· Craig Curk

The founder of QC Electronics, as well as the National Sales Director of ACE Production Technologies, Curk knows what is needed to unlock an opportunity’s true value, and to take the steps needed to transform it into a long-term success.

Flipping homes is much the same, as it requires the vision of someone like Curk to not only see the potential value of the opportunity, but to turn it into something truly marketable.

Successful home flipping requires:

Knowing Where Your Investment is Coming From. Whether you’re going it alone, or are working through an investment group, it’s important to know you have the capital needed to get the project underway.Locating the Right Opportunity. To ensure a successful investment, it’s best to find an undervalued property, one in low-demand and can produce the biggest bang for your buck once the restoration process is finished.

Working Fast. Holding onto a property for too long, as Craig Curk knows, can lead to a bevy of unnecessary costs. It’s best to be prepared for a quick turnover so as to avoid any such entanglements.

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