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Craig Curk - Tips For New Soccer Coaches

Craig Curk has been coaching youth soccer since 2001, having also been a Division 1 player in his own right at Xavier University. New soccer coaches have difficult tasks ahead of them, as they need to be able to adjust to their roles quickly so that their teams start developing. The following are all useful pointers for those who are new to coaching positions.


Get To Know Your Team

Coaching is about much more than running drills and discussing tactics. You also need to be able to build personal bonds with your players, as this will help them to trust your decisions and respect your authority as the coach. Furthermore, by getting to know your players you will also be able to figure out what motivates them, allowing you to adjust your training style accordingly.

Be Flexible

Speaking of making adjustments, you also need to recognize that your favored methods of training may not work out for some of your players. This means that you need to be flexible in your approach so that you can figure out what you need to do to get the most out of your team. Experiment with new drills and tactics to find the best fit.

Use Your Experience

Craig Curk is able to draw on many years of experience as a soccer goalkeeper when working as a coach. It is important that you consider what you learned during your own playing days, so that you can transfer as much of this useful knowledge to your players as possible.

Craig Curk
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