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Craig Curk - Guidelines for Strong Sales Representatives

Craig Curk knows that expanding sales is an art form. Having held numerous managerial positions in the electronics industry, he is passionate about helping his sales representatives become successful. By training his employees to implement the following techniques, he has supported his teams to rake in millions of dollars in revenue.

Be clear about your mission and break it down into reasonable goals. Record the activities that you’ll need to accomplish to achieve both short and long-term efforts. Have an idea of the results that you’d like to see, when you’d like to see them, and what you can do in your daily life that can get you there.

Put the customer first. Focus on building a relationship with all clients that is based on trust and respect and go the extra mile to help them feel valued. Keeping an open line of communication and being an active listener infuse humanity into a situation that can often feel pressured. Aim to diminish that stress by asking thoughtful questions.

Be purposeful about your actions. Make a thoughtful plan about who you’d like to target and why. Do some work up front and research your customers if possible to assess potential need.

Always maintain a bright and positive attitude, regardless of the circumstances. Sales professionals must be charming and resilient while facing difficult situations. Learning to deal with stressful situations with enthusiasm is necessary.

Craig Curk founded QC Electronics in 2005. He has worked with Tyco Electronics and Quad Systems in the past.


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