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Craig Curk Born into Economic Powerhouse of Dayton, Ohio

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Dayton, Ohio hometown boy Craig Curk has likely traveled the Mad River Road, the first overland connection between Cincinnati and Dayton which was conceived by Daniel C. Cooper in 1797. The region it traveled through became known as Mad River Country, and the roadway access exposed the area to the first heavy settlement by Europeans. Captain Jonathan Dayton, a veteran of the Revolutionary War and a Constitution signer, owned large tracts of land in the region and so lent his name to the city of Dayton, incorporated in 1805, two years after Ohio was admitted into the United States union. The combination of the Mad River Road and the Dayton-Cincinnati canal laid the groundwork for Dayton’s explosive technological growth throughout the 1800’s, resulting in Dayton’s achievement of having granted more patents per population than any other United States city in 1890, having already achieved a ranking of fifth in the nation in 1870. Both airplane inventors the Wright Brothers and renowned inventor Charles F. Kettering were from Dayton, Ohio. Dayton also was the birthplace of the first mechanical cash register, leading to the rise of the National Cash Register Company, and the site of pioneering research into flood control, prompted by the Great Dayton Flood of 1913.

Craig Curk
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