Craig Curk - Advice For Getting on Family Feud

Craig Curk is an experienced gameshow contestant, having been on Family Feud twice. The show is one of the most popular gameshows in America and many families would love the chance to get on to it and enjoy a few moments of television stardom. The following pointers should be useful to anybody who is considering putting in an application.

Learn The Rules
You need to understand the mechanics of the game before you send your application, as producers will become impatient with those who need to be told everything. This is particularly important when selecting your team members, as there are a number of conditions that each person must meet in order to be accepted. Failure to consider these conditions could lead to your application being thrown out.

Create A Video
You could consider creating a video to go along with your application that shows the producers a little bit more about your family. Use this video to show off the personalities in the group, while also working to display obvious enthusiasm for the opportunity. You could upload this clip to YouTube and provide a link to it in the application itself.

Be Early
Craig Curk was a contestant on Family Feud in both 1984 and 1991. If you are called for an audition, you will be given a specific timeslot by the producers. Make sure that you are as early as possible for this slot and that you are prompt when called upon. Being late creates a bad impression and makes it much less likely that you will be picked.

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