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Craig Curk of QC Electronics knows that Norris Lake, Tennessee, is a great place for visitors to put their daily responsibilities on hold for a few days. He recommends that tourists consider the following when looking for a home rental at this prized vacation destination.

Craig Curk

If you enjoy the water, this is the place for you. Covering nearly 40,000 acres, this vast lake offers a plethora of activities, such as boating, fishing, jet skiing, and more. Whether you own a boat or not, this is the place for water sports. There are fifteen marinas spread out to offer a variety of services in numerous locations.

Because the lake is so large, you might never see the same thing twice. There are many secret treasures to be discovered here, and you can find many private coves along the shore with a variety of hiking trails.

There are numerous activities outside of the water for visitors to enjoy as well, such as horseback riding and golf. Norris Lake is home to the Woodlake Golf Club and The Greens at Deerfield.

The lake has an interesting history stretching back to 1911 when it was decided that a dam would be built at this location. This came to fruition 25 years later, when the Norris Reserv oir was filled using a tributary of the Tennessee River. It provides power to thousands of residents and offers flooding control.

Craig Curk enjoys helping tourists discover a beautiful place to rest and relax. He lives in Kentucky.

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